Video tutorial ” THE PAYASA – Making of an icon “


Let Macko guide you through his creative process and explore his Black ‘n’ Grey tattoo technique step by step in these engaging five chapters:

1. Design: From Idea to Stencil
2. The Significance of Stencils
3. Skin Application
4. Behind the Scenes: His Workspace
5. The Art of Tattooing

Antonio Macko Todisco is an icon in the world of Black ‘n’ Grey and Chicano tattoos, with a career spanning over 20 years. He has won numerous awards, judged conventions worldwide, and his works regularly feature in international publications. Among his clients are well-known names like Guè Pequeño, J-Ax, and Crossfit world champion Mattew Fraser, showcasing his prestige in the industry.


Beautiful like a movie, instructive like a course.

Macko presents the first complete making of his distinctive tattoo: the Payasa.
Witness his technique in 4K and discover the secrets that have made his hand unmistakable, in an ultra-detailed explanation.

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